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14                             SHIPPING PRACTICE

Primage. Percentage added to the freight and retained by the
loading broker; recoverable in part or in all as rebate according to
the regulations of the conference under which vessel is operating.

Pro forma. As a matter of form.

Pro rata. In the proportion to.

r.d. Running days.

r.d.e. Running d'own clause.

Rebate. Allowance or discount made.

Sabotage.  Wilful destruction.

Safe port. Port where a vessel may lie without danger from
physical or political interference.

8.b.S. Surveyed before shipment.

Seattle.  To let water into a ship for the purpose of sinking.

S.d. Short delivery.

Shipping note. A receipt note giving particulars of goods forwarded
to a dock for shipment.

Spot.  Ready to load.

std.   Standard.

Stevedore. Person who acts as a contractor for labour in loading
or discharging vessels in port.

Supercargo. Person engaged on a vessel for the purpose of super-
intending the cargo, its disposal and care to the best advantage.

Tallying. The act of checking goods loaded on or discharged from
a vessel.

T. & p.  Theft and pilferage.

T.&S. Touch and stay.

Tariff, List of duties payable on goods. List of freight rates issued
and agreed by a shipping conference.

TJ. Total loss.

T.Lo. Total loss only.

Transhipment. The removal of goods from one vessel to another,
or carriage from port of discharge to a further destination.

Tret. Allowance for ordinary wear and tear or depreciation during
a voyage.

U.K.F.O.  United Kingdom for orders.

Ullage.  Quantity a cask lacks of being fulL

Vice propre. Inherent vice.

W.I), Water ballast.

W.C.E. West Coast of England.

W.N.A.  Winter, North Atlantic.

W.p. Without prejudice.

Y.A.B. York-Antwerp Rules.